The smartest blinds for your dream home

Motorisation is the ultimate choice for effortless, luxury blinds and it doesn't get any better than DIY Blinds + Somfy. We outshine the rest of the market with our high-performing, designer quality roller blinds and motors. They are quick to install, super easy to use and competitively priced.

Blinds that make life simple.

Enjoy more precious downtime and take the hassle out of your day. It's super easy to set up your smart blinds to enhance your lifestyle. You'll feel like a rockstar every time you open your blinds.

Everything within reach

Never stretch to reach a chain again. Perfect for high windows or if you have accessibility requirements.

Effortless from morning to night

Get on with your day, knowing your blinds are scheduled to match your routine and you can quickly respond to the weather.

Enhance your home security

Who's to know you're away? Open and close your motorised blinds remotely.

Protect your little ones

No chains or cords means one less thing to worry about, when it comes to child safety.

Choose your smart blinds.

Somfy Altus 28

Best value

Sound level
54 dBA
1.5 Nm
Adjustable speed
10-28 rpm
Battery life
9 months
3 years
RRP $285

Somfy Sonesse 30

Best quality

Sound level
44 dBA
2.0 Nm
Adjustable speed
10-28 rpm
Battery life
10 months
5 years
RRP $370


Add your accessories when you design & order your blinds, or come back later and add them on.

Control your blinds in a heartbeat, any time and anywhere.

Whether you're cooking or couch-surfing, control your blinds without needing to look up from what you're doing.

Designer blinds meet premium technology.

Somfy + DIY Blinds

Incredibly accessible

Ideal if you have accessibility requirements. Motorised blinds are chain free and can be controlled remotely.

Makes any window within reach

Save your workouts for the gym. Control blinds that are tricky to reach without breaking a sweat.

Design & Order

Having motorised blinds at home means more time for what matters. They are a beautiful solution.
Hunting for George

Schedule your very own sunrise and sunset.

Wake up with the morning (or midday) sun and get instant privacy when it's dark. Schedule your motorised blinds to open and close based on your daily routine.

How to program your Connexoon Hub

Timed to match your lifestyle

Blinds in sync with your sleep patterns, now that's what we call clever. When your motorised blinds are paired with the Somfy Connexoon Hub, you can set up day and night programming.

Always in control of the temperature

Stay on top of the weather. The Somfy Connexoon Hub displays the latest weather data based on your precise geolocation so you can close all your blinds in one tap, before your house gets hot. And add Alexa or Google Home to your Hub to set your blinds to respond automatically to the weather.

Smarter, functional blinds that do more

Keep your bills and carbon footprint down with motorised blinds that maximise your home's thermal insulation.

We're a busy family and motorisation is super easy!
Kyal & Kara

Someone's always home.

Relax on holiday. No one will guess you're away, when you can open and close your motorised blinds from anywhere in the world.

Curtains exterior Kellett st

Move your blinds, even when you're away from home

Move your blinds, even when you're away from home. Make your home more safe and secure by using the Somfy Connexoon Hub to set your blinds to open and close. This gives the impression that you're home... even when you're not. How to program your blinds via the Somfy Connexoon App.

How to program your Connexoon Hub

Keep your little ones safe.

Our motorised blinds have no chains, so there are no hazards for the little people in your life.

Let's get real about child safety

Children love to climb and play, and don't understand the dangers of curtain cords and chains. Thanks to the sleek and minimal design of our motorised blinds, they are safe for kids to roam at home.

Design & Order

No science degree needed.

Motorised blinds aren't just for tech geeks. Somfy's premium range of motors and accessories are a joy to use and easy to install.

Battery or wired motorisation

Whether you're updating your current blinds or building your dream home, we’ve got motorisation options for any project.

Keep everything under control

Choose exactly how you control your motorised blinds: remote control, smartphone or voice activation.

Something for every window

Motorised blinds are a sleek and smart addition to windows of any size. And with a huge range of designer fabrics, we have your needs covered for light control, privacy and thermal insulation.

Choose your perfect motor.

Somfy's battery motors are quick and easy to install. If you're building or renovating, then Somfy's wired motors are the perfect choice.


Somfy Altus 28 and Somfy Sonesse 30

Whisper quiet

Sleep easy knowing your blinds won't wake you (or your loved ones) up. Somfy's battery-powered motors are whisper quiet, making them ideal for bedrooms.

Charge just once a year

Spend less time charging your blinds. Somfy’s fast-charging, built-in lithium ion battery lasts for almost a full year without a charge. As the battery runs low, an LED lights up to indicate it’s time to recharge with the Somfy motor charger.

Quick and easy self-installation

Put up your blinds in no time using our easy guides. Our battery-powered blinds come ready to install, and you do not need any electrical knowledge. Bonus!


Somfy Altus 40 and Somfy Sonesse 40

Great for new homes

Wired motors are the perfect solution for new home builds, where smart blinds can be integrated from the start. They are also well suited to renovations.

No charging required

Wired motors are easy to maintain and unlike battery motors, they don't require charging. Just get your electrician to install them and you'll have your dream blinds.

Professional installation

Wired blinds can be installed easily by qualified electricians. Need a hand? We offer professional install options in most metro areas across Australia. Call us to check what services are available in your area.

You're in complete control.

It's totally up to you, how you control your blinds. Choose between remote control, smartphone and voice control.

Somfy remote control

From $90

Select from our range of Somfy Situo remote controls, which allow up to five motorised blinds to be controlled from one remote.

For rooms with one motorised blind, we recommend a one channel remote per room. For common areas such as a living room with multiple motorised blinds, we recommend a five channel remote.

How to set up your Somfy remote

Smart phone integration with Somfy Connexoon Hub


Enhance your motorised blinds with smart phone integration. Pair your motorised blinds with a Somfy Connexoon Hub and install the Somfy Connexoon App on your smart phone, to automate your window furnishings just the way you want.

How to program your Connexoon Hub

It doesn't get more effortless than using your voice to open and close your blinds, with a Somfy Connexoon hub connected to your voice assistant.
Alison Lewis - BuildHer Collective

Voice activated

Our motorised blinds can also be integrated with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT. By pairing your motorised blinds with a Somfy Connexoon Hub and your voice assistant, you can take advantage of voice activated features.

How to set up Connexoon and Alexa
How to set up Connexoon and Google Home

Amazon Alexa
Google Home
If This Then That

Something for every window.

Motors for any sized window, and designer fabrics to suit every style.

Roller blinds kitchen window

A full range for windows of all sizes

Our complete range of light-filtering, sunscreen and blockout roller blinds can be motorised. For larger windows, we offer powerful motors that can support heavier loads.

See the roller blinds range

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